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Master Plan

Buildings A and B are now complete!

Building C is currently under construction and set to be complete late fall 2017.



Located behind the Newbo Market on 12th Avenue and 4th Street, SE, the Depot is a multi-phased development with two buildings currently under construction. The Depot is downtown’s only live, work and play development within the Newbo area. Residents will enjoy the exciting vibe that IS Newbo while avoiding the congestion of commuting to and from home. Business tenants will enjoy the added benefit of residents living above while serving Newbo visitors who frequent the area.


Building A

Floor 1 – Up to 12,000 square feet of commercial office/retail space

Floor 2 – Up to 12,767 square feet of office space owned by Collective Data

Floor 3 -13 Luxury Rental Condos


Ample on-site parking for both office users and residents of The Depot makes these rentals highly desirable in a downtown market where having to park and walk to and from the area can be challenging – especially during the winter months.


Building B

Salon Lofts & Luxury Residential Condos


Building C  – Currently Under Construction – Set to be complete late fall 2017!

Floor 1 – Up to 12,767 square feet of commercial office/retail space for sale/lease

Floor 2 – 13 Luxury Rental Condos

Floor 3 -13 Luxury Rental Condos


Building D – Coming Soon!

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This floor plan shows the location of buildings A and B that are currently under construction. Building A has available retail/office space on floor one, commercial/office space on floor 2 and condo rentals on floor 3.


Building B is under contract at this time.


Aerial concept showing the four planned buildings for The Depot. The Newbo Market can be seen just in front of The Depot while the new Geonetric headquarters are found to the left.